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Aqua Level - Portable Pool & Spa Water Leveller

Aqua Level - Portable Pool & Spa Water Leveller

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Revamp your pool maintenance routine with the Aqua Portable Water Leveller, a versatile solution for in-ground pools, spas, and water features. 

Installation is a breeze – just connect it to your garden hose, and you're set. Its portability is a standout feature, allowing you to effortlessly place or remove it from the pool edge as needed.

Ideal for vacation homes or times when you're away, this leveller ensures your pool's water level remains stable, safeguarding against potential damage to your pool pump from running dry.

Pool service professionals will find it particularly useful for multitasking, as it allows them to focus on other tasks while the pool fills. The device's smart design automatically shuts off the water flow once your desired water level is achieved, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

Note: No longer includes the clamp previously used for above-ground pools.

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